Bento Range

This range made of coloured  porcelain was inspired by the traditional Japanese bento box but given a contemporary twist. Arrange this set in countless ways, from shared dishes to personal degustation style.    

Orange Bento: style 1

Pink Bento: style 3

Blue Bento: style 5

Orange & Blue Bento: style 7

White & Mint Bento: style 2

Pink & Blue Bento: style 1

Black Bento: style 5

Blue & Light Blue Bento: style 10

Mint Bento: style 3

Style sheet-01.png

Single Tone Bento Sets


Orange Bento

Mint Bento

Light Blue Bento

Black Bento

Pink Bento

White Bento

Blue Bento


Dual Tone Bento Sets


Orange & Pink

Black & White

Pink & Blue 

White & ...

Blue & Mint

Blue & Light Blue

Orange & Blue

Pink & Mint


Ceramic Bento Sizing 

Bento sizes-01.png

Bento Range