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Contemporary Ceramic Tableware and Design Objects Handmade in Melbourne


NGV bar 02.JPG

National Gallery of Victoria x Dan Murphy’s Triennial Extra Discovery Bar 

R L Foote Design Studio was lucky to create playful drink elements for NGV & Dan Murphy’s NGV Triennial Extra Discovery Bar, designed and made by Ryan L Foote. We produced porcelain garnish holders and food grade moulds for ice drink coasters to put on top of the drinks.


Sofitel Platter by_R_L_Foote_Design_Studio.jpg

Porcelain Platters for Sofitel on Collins

Sofitel on Collins in Melbourne has commissioned R L Foote Design Studio to create 24 porcelain platters for a part of VIP room turndown service during the Australian Open 2018. The platters reflected the French heritage of the hotel, and took inspiration in architectural structures of the hotel itself and Louvre with its glass pyramid, both designed by the iconic architect I.M. Pei. 

Each platter has been coated with this crystalline glaze, where crystals start to grow into unique brilliant patterns inside the molten glaze during the firing process, from thousands and thousands of tiny crystals giving a satin finish, or glossy look with fewer large crystals.

The results were striking, with no two platters looking the same.  

Sofitel platter by R L Foote Design.jpg

NGV Ryan Foote 1.jpg

National Gallery of Victoria

Ryan L Foote was commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria Design Store to create a range of ceramics inspired by the Van Gogh and the Seasons exhibition.

Foote has taken inspiration from Van Gogh's paintings to develop a range of porcelain vases, plates and large fruit bowls which are exclusively available at the NGV Design Store. 


NGV Ryan Foote 3.jpg


Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2017

This year Melbourne Food and Wine Festival have asked R L Foote Design Studio to come up with a range of 7 plates to complement 7 celebrity chefs' recipes that will be served at their 2017 festival hub bar.

Each plate complements the recipe to create a very special dining experience.