Chocolate Range


We were thrilled to create this range for ‘Chocolates by Ryan L Foote’.


Porcelain Range

We created these sleek porcelain pieces to complement complex architectural forms of the chocolates.

Digitally Generated Porcelain Cup replicates on of our favourite chocolate shapes, and crystalline glaze reflects complex chocolate tempering process.

  Modern serving option for the ultimate chocolate indulgence

Modern serving option for the ultimate chocolate indulgence


About Chocolates by Ryan L Foote

This ambitious new project reinvents chocolates for the digital age, combining 3D-printing technologies and classic chocolatier techniques to create completely unique progressive chocolates.

The complex digitally-formed chocolates are inspired by various sources from architecture, geological formations to natural minerals, and are filled with locally-inspired flavours, rarely found in chocolates, for example Australian native botanicals and local Hong Kong foods and desserts.


Both the chocolates & porcelain ranges are exclusively available for pre-orders on Kickstarter until 18 November with delivery before Christmas.

Early Bird offers saving up to 30% off the planned retail price available until stocks last!